How to use the BraceWyse mobile apps

  • Hardware requirements : the BraceWyse uses NFC wireless protocol- an iPhone 6S or later model or Android phones with NFC are required. Alternatively, an NFC reader (~$50) connected to a desktop computer can be used to retrieve data.

  • Download the BraceWyse app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

For iPhones: (iPhones' NFC antennas are at top center)

Step 1: Click "Cancel" to exit scanning mode

Step 2: Go to "config" page and click "Start Monitoring"

Step 3: Put iPhone close to the BraceWyse, the app will let you know if it's successful. If not, hit "Enable NFC" and try again

Step 4: At the "Wear logs" tab, click the circle to start scanning data

For Android Phones: (NFC locations vary-usually close to the center)

If your device has NFC, the function needs to be turned on. Sometimes it is off by default, so look into the settings just to make sure.

How to activate NFC on Android (this is based on a Samsung phone; your device might be a little different):

  1. On your Android device, open the "Settings" .

  2. Tap on "Connections".

  3. You should see the "NFC and payment" option. Hit it.

  4. Toggle the NFC option on.

Android app works similar to iphone's - only step 2 and 3 are needed. Once the phone is close to a BraceWyse, data transfer will initiate automatically.


To read data out: (from outside of your brace, not the side with a metal plate)

for iPhones - place the top center of your phone close to the BraceWyse

for Android- Place the center of your phone close to the BraceWyse

Once you see the data is being transferred, hold you phone close and steady until the transfer is over.